As an avid traveler, nothing gets me going like a great pack job! Space, just like time is precious, and with a great vacation destination, comes an excellent pack job. Read on to discover genius ways to lighten your load wherever you go!

1. Quick-Drying Underwear

Might as well get real personal off the get-go! Quick-drying underwear is a game changer for more than one good reason. First of all, it prevents chaffing. The higher quality fabric is made to wick away moisture, and often times that includes excess moisture from sweat. Second of all, you only need to pack a few. Forget counting out the days. This is especially nice if you are traveling for an extensive amount of time. The quick-drying component allows them to effortlessly dry over night. You can find these at REI or any sporting goods store. Also, don't forget to pack your mini detergent packets!

2. Roll Over Fold

Often times we are stuck in our folding worlds, that we forget about alternative ways to pack clothing. Let me introduce you to "The Roll". Rolling your clothes still avoids wrinkles AND conserves space. It's simply a win-win. 

3. Save Room

This one should be obvious, but more often than not we pack our bags to the brim just to ensure we have absolutely everything we "need". If packing less is not an option, pack a small collapsible bag instead. That way you could convert that bag into a carry-on if necessary.

4. Pack Advil or Aleve

Getting sick is never fun. That's why I recommend packing advil and/or aleve.  Forget trying to decipher foreign labels with choppy language skills. The intelligent thing to do is pack your own! You don't have to pack an entire bottle, but throw a few common anti-inflammatory pills in a small bag and call it good. It's easy to do, and often forgotten. 

5. Layers

When packing, it's easy to focus on the clothing that we enjoy wearing most often. However, it would be wise to only select clothing that varies in thickness and warmth level. For example, vests. Vests are the perfect item that layer extremely well. They also pack well too. In addition, a rainshell. This can be layered over anything while keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your trip.

6. Ziplock Bags 

For any liquids, use ziplock bags. They keep any potential spills contained and save you from unwanted messes or even stains. Even pack extra on the off chance one bag does happen to open. 

7. Weigh Your Luggage

Sometimes we unintentionally over pack. That is okay! This is why weighing your packed bag before leaving the house is the easiest way to make sure things run smoothly at the airport.

Well there you have it! My 7 packing tips. Next time you go on vacation, be sure to consider these tips!