Last year, so many hits came out in the music world. I love music to make me feel good, think, or sound like something I have never heard before. Ready for my top 5 songs of 2016? Feel free to comment your top songs and let me know why you chose your top 5! 

1. Where Are U Now - Justin Bieber

While everyone may have their negative feelings about Mr. Bieber and some of his less than desirable behavior choices in 2016, you have to admit he had some hit songs this year. Did you know that Jack U created the song Where Are U Now to let people see Justin Bieber in a different light? A song that everyone would love so that maybe they could start liking someone again for his music. Aww precious. Secondly, we all relate to this song as we've all felt like we are alone and did everything for someone or people we love, but they weren't there for us when it mattered the most. Give the man a chance!

2. Party Monster - The Weeknd

This is probably The Weeknd's best song on his newest album. Every and any time we get prepped to go out or are with friends, this song gets requested to play! With a fresh new beat that has not been heard before with amazing vocals and catchy rhythm, this song is a hit. Maybe not a song for children to be playing, but his confidence shows in the song that somehow we all want to feel at some point. 

3. Needed Me- Rhianna

Probably a song favorite by women in 2016. Love how Rihanna takes a stand at wearing the "pants" with her male lovers/partners. She is a woman that is going to do what she wants, how she wants and that is what women tend to love! She expresses herself in a song a way that I feel like shows a side of women that they would like to hear me- being in charge and blunt. Nothing is more catchy than "Youuu neeeeeeeeeeeeeded me".

4. Montreal- What So Not

Many people may not know who What So Not is, but trust me you are missing out if you are a fan of trap/edm/instrumental/hard beats/intriguing noises. What So Not always puts out music where you definitely know it is them who created the song. Montreal starts off slow with a calming voice trying to almost lure you in saying "can you handle this". When the bass drops, or the beat drops, it is a sound that I have never heard before. The crowd or get-togethers jump off their feet when it drops. Can you tell I am a huge What So Not Fan?

5. Baptized in Fire- Kid Cudi

This song is the Kid Cudi we all loved and missed. From his own troubles, he has shown his talent in his new album. He is a rapper we can all relate to with depression, anxiety, or the other pressures of this world. His comeback album if I may say. Travis Scott's addition to the song is perfect as their voices mesh. This song touches upon fake people in our lives that want us for "other" reasons whether we are being used, for fame, or more. The beat is catchy and it makes you want to listen to the rest of the album. We support you Kid Cudi!