Drake, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West, all nominees for this years Grammy Awards may not be found at the Grammy's this year. These A-List performers strongly belieb and describe the Grammy's to be "irrelevant" and "not representative".

Kanye West - A Tom Tollen Favorite

Kanye West, a favorite of Tom Tollen's has had his own beef with the awards show in former years. However, despite winning 21 Grammy's, the rapper is unhappy with the lack of diversity. Not once has the rapper gone head-to-head with a white singer in any category.

Plus, Kanye mentioned last year that he would not attend if Frank Ocean did not receive, a well deserved, nomination for his latest release, Blonde. The only caveat to that, is Mr. Ocean never submitted the album, so he technically couldn't even be nominated for his latest work if he wanted to.


Nominated for multiple awards this year, it's uncertain whether or not Drake will show. Tom Tollen has seen Drake perform twice, and hands-down believes he is worth every penny. It's saddening to him to see that an awards show is really that unrepresentative, that some of his favorite artists are turning their heads. Despite mixed feelings, Tom fully supports their bold gesture to forego the event.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has shared his frustrations for award shows, such as the Grammy Awards. He has even taken to Instagram to express his lack of enthusiasm for performing at such "high profile" events. With multiple nominations this year, it is also uncertain whether he will be in attendance. Tom Tollen beliebs Justin will not be there.

The 59th Grammy Awards is set to air on February 12th, 2017.