In honor of black history month, let's explore the top 4 influential leaders that helped make a difference not only for the black community, but the world. These leaders have progressively paved a way, even when racial tensions hindered their journey. Let's celebrate this month by honoring these heroes:

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. is the reason why the US has become more open to being a melting pot. Without MLK, there wouldn't be an Obama, black actors/actresses, or a chance at success for not only black people, but anyone of color. Even when thrown in jail, he continued to fight for justice and his protests left an impact that changed the entire US. His speech lives on today and still inspires people every where in the world. I could go on and on about the amazing man MLK was, but to know this man did everything he could for the WORLD to be happier place for us all is truly inspiring. 

Barack Obama

Barack Obama has to make this list. He is the first African American president ever. Faced with harsh criticism and dealing with a country where things were in high turmoil, I believe he handled his presidency with grace, class, humor, and nonetheless professional. You would not see a moment where our former president would break a sweat and he showed real emotion. Also, he was able to connect with the younger generation, which differed from other presidents. He inspired people of color that Yes THEY can be president of the USA. That people of color have a chance of hope and someone to look up to who has their back. President Obama will leave a legacy that will continue to inspire and motivate future generations. 

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks' courage alone is the reason she is on the list. Known as the first lady of civil rights and also a helper to MLK, Rosa Parks changed the bus system forever. She would not move from her seat no matter what criticism and danger went her way. Refusing to give her seat up to a Caucasian passenger caused controversy, but eventually lead to a boycott that eventually turned into the favor of equality for blacks and whites to ride the bus with the same rights. Go Rosa Parks!