Looking to complete some last minute holiday shopping for your man? There's always something extra to give. This post is a list of Tom Tollen's favorite winter gadgets to keep him warm all winter long.

1. Mug Warmer

Keep his coffee (and eggnog) warm all winter log with a mug warmer! It heats things up so he won't have to. Nothing says "I love you" like a warm cup of joe.

2. Zippo Hand Warmers

The famous brand for lighters sparked up something new that both of you can enjoy. What is it? Zippo hand warmers. It's become the #1 best seller in camping hand and foot warmers on Amazon. Hurry and order yours today just before Christmas!

3. Nose Warmer

Aunt Marty's original nose warmer is a crowd pleasing favorite! Say goodbye to red, sore noses with this one. Not only is it fashionable, but it's functional too! BONUS - It's vegan friendly!

4. Smartphone Gloves

Smartphone compatible gloves are an absolute must this winter! Your man can't text you back if his gloves are not smartphone compatible. Get them while they're hot!

5. Heated Seat Cushion.

Does his car have heated seats? It sure would be nice to have them if they don't. However, thanks to mass consumerism and a plethora of products out in the market that no one actually needs, you can buy a heated seat cushion complete with lumbar support! Hurry now, so he can maximize it's use all winter long. 

6. Heated Cat Bed

There's nothing like a cold bed. And you know what they say... "happy cat, happy man".  That's why this year you can get him a heated cat bed! Heated cat beds give your man options when his human bed is just too darn cold. Your sensational ball of fluff may not thank you, but your human will! 

Well there you have it! Tom Tollen's favorite winter gadgets. Now you should have no  trouble finding that little something extra to give your man this holiday season.