As I start to plan out my holiday vacations, I began to realize my 5 most-used and beloved items I never seem to leave home without. Excluding wallet and keys, I am curious to know if your items are the same. Comment below to tell me what you would consider your top 5 most important items you keep by your side.

1. Phone Charger

While a phone is a given, often times it is the charger that is forgotten about. I always seem to have my phone charger on me, and more often than not I use it. Additionally, I even tend to bring a solar option as well, as this can be useful when I am outdoors and away from a power source.

2. Pocket Knife

Growing up, my dad always said "Always carry a knife". I never fully understood this until I started making a habit of carrying one on me myself. I use it for everything! In fact, like many of you with your phones, I feel naked without it! I use it to cut off tags, open boxes, cut rope, remove unwanted thread from clothing, to cutting open packaging. You name it, a knife is a necessity. The only down side to traveling, is I have to check it when I travel.

3. Flash Light

Typically I use my phone as a flash light, but what if it's dead because you forgot your phone charger? I have a mini flashlight on my key ring just in case! I made sure to purchase one that is nice and bright, but still light weight to ensure it does not tamper with the ignition of my truck. You can find these everywhere, check out REI for example. Another alternative is to purchase a pen with a built in flashlight. That way you get two in one!

4. Jacket

I never leave home without a jacket. Even when the weather looks like it could be pretty predictable, you just never know! Be smart, grab a coat.

5. Extra Socks

This one is usually not on everyone's must-have list, but I swear by it! Extra socks can be a life saver! Especially when it's damp and cold out.

There you have it! 5 items Tom Tollen never leaves the home without. What are your 5 items? Reply in the comments below!